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Share a constructive message. It´s in our hands to change the future.

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For weeks you have remained confined at home. Stunned, you have seen how your life, plans and illusions have stopped in their tracks. But nothing has stopped you. You have shown responsibility and have discovered that, above individualism, the magic of community exists. Together we are stronger.

Let´s be positive

The time has come to channel that force and transform it into energy, to send a loud and clear message to decision-makers: what kind of world you want tomorrow to be like.

Every word counts

Tell us with a smile what kind of world you want to live in tomorrow. Share your message on this wishing wall to say, loudly, how you would like to change the way in which we consume, the treatment of our elders, how one can best travel from one place to another, public services, educational models or the care of our environment. You choose what your message is! Because every wish counts!

Let's create a smart future

This project was born as a collective brainstorm. We want to use technology to show what our real interests are, those of the people. We want to invite scientists, professionals from all sectors, the elderly, children, mothers, fathers or teachers, to all those who have a positive message to improve our future. And let our leaders and those who influence society discover what our thoughts are. Soon we will learn what matters to us and what words we will repeat time and time again.

Let´s make the future brighter.

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